Great fundraisers are not born that way.

Training is critical in developing the best habits among fundraising staff, board members and volunteers. It has a material impact on performance improvement related to various metrics. Blueprint offers training modules that focus on specific skills & strategies aligned with your particular goals. These skills are reinforced with follow up sessions that draw upon real-world successes and failures. We can help you develop fundraisers, at all levels, with the ability to see every opportunity to build relationships and value, and who fully optimize every chance to increase patron and donor investment.



Available Modules

  • Words Matter: Messaging/structuring appeals

  • Building Value: Engaging donor prospects in relevant and impressive ways

  • Using data (giving and member buying histories) to structure the appeal

  • Handling objections: turning "nos" and "maybes" into gifts

  • The art of asking high: Large dollar acquisition gifts and increases

  • Credit card closing: Improving your cashflow

  • Timing: Planning the year to determine number and timing of contacts with a group of donor prospects

  • Knowing and managing key fundraising performance metrics

  • Training can be developed based on your organization's needs and goals